Leather flooring


Designing With Eye-catching Leather Flooring – Simple Yet Refined   Living Room TORLYSme Leather floors add energy and originality to any space. Here the leather floor is a perfect complement to beautiful décor and elegant furniture: a classic style enhanced. Bedroom The richness of leather flooring provides a subtle contrast to the soft fabrics and […]

Commonly Asked Questions About Leather Floors What makes TORLYSme Leather floors different from other floors? ۱٫  Environmentally friendly production: Using 100% recycled leather is a natural way to ensure a cycle of material re-use, where leather that would otherwise be wasted is used to create exceptional leather flooring. ۲٫  TORLYSme Leather floors help you create […]

Torlysme leather creates spaces that feel open and free-flowing. Every bevel-edged plank is especially long to accentuate a sense of roominess and elegance, And the character of ieather is presented in a pleasing and understand fashion. Torlysme leather planks come in lengths that are extra long to give rooms an expansive, spacious appearance. The Look […]

Torlysme leather makes expressive use of bevel-edge tile. created in an oversized format, the tile adds clean geometric elegance to the rich, distinctive graining of the leather, the effect is eye-catching and still retains simplicity and refinement. Torlysme leather tile floors come in a wide selection of natural colors in a contemporary palette, in two […]