Commonly Asked Questions About Leather Floors
What makes TORLYSme Leather floors different from other floors?
۱٫  Environmentally friendly production: Using 100% recycled leather is a natural way to
ensure a cycle of material re-use, where leather that would otherwise be wasted is used
to create exceptional leather flooring.
۲٫  TORLYSme Leather floors help you create a healthier home as they contain no harmful
VOC emissions, no added formaldehyde and exceed California Indoor Air Quality
standards, among the most stringent in the world.
Can I put TORLYS Leather floors anywhere in my house?
TORLYSme Leather floors are engineered flooring products, well-suited for installation below grade, over concrete and even over existing floors. Depending on the application, different underlays may be required. Ask your local TORLYSme dealer for more information on different applications and what you may require.
How do I maintain my TORLYSme Leather floor?
TORLYSme Leather floors require the same maintenance as all other TORLYSme floors. Simply vacuum or sweep your floors once a week or as needed. To clean your floors, use TORLYS Natural Glow® Eco-Friendly Maintenance Kit once a week or as needed. Clean up any spills with a cloth.
Can I easily repair my TORLYSme Leather floor?
Yes. Only TORLYSme offers you the Bulldog, a tool that allows you to repair any leather plank in your leather floor, even if it’s in the middle of your room, without any power tools, dust or noise.
What is the Uniclic joint?
The Uniclic joint is a patented joint guaranteed to resist gapping, warping and cupping. (Some floating floors promote their joint systems as Uniclic, but if it doesn’t say Uniclic, it’s not the same.) The patented Uniclic is integral to TORLYSme Leather floors. Duringinstallation, it doesn’t require messy glues or chemicals, or nails of any kind. Uniclic creates a remarkably stable and gap-resistant floor, and because the click joint process is reversible, the floor can be re-used up to 3 times under warranty.
Can I install a TORLYSme Leather floor by myself?
TORLYSme Leather floors use the patented Uniclic joint, a glue and nail-free joint system that ensures a great-looking floor and makes installation easy. All you need is a saw, hammer, installation kit, tape measure, pencil and some time to install your leather floor. The other option is to hire professional installers. Ask your local TORLYSme dealer for more details on installation.

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