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tigerwood is a very dense, heavy and hard wood that is found in the more tropical areas of western Africa. tigerwood is a truly exotic wood. It has long been prized for both its beauty and uniqueness. Its color ranges from orange/reddish brown to a deep red brown. But Tigerwood’s most striking feature is its […]


The acacia tree is a member of the papilio naceae family and comprises more than 1,200 species. The deciduous acacia tree is found in both bush and tree form and its wood is typically of European origin. Acacia wood is heavy and hard and its strength values are considerably higher than that of oak; it […]


Beech conveys a sense of austerity, clarity and order. According to tradition, beech promotes vitality, it offers comfort and proffers words of wisdom in times of personal difficulties. In the past, beech was employed as a weather prophet: At the beginning of November, a cut was made in a tree-trunk using an axe. If the […]


In the last few years, Doussie has been playing an increasingly important role in Europe. Because of its medium-red caramel hue, it is often referred to as cherry. In contrast to other red woods though, its hue is less vibrant and dominant. Due to its cosiness and warmth it exudes a homely chara¬cter which allows […]


As well as featuring prominently in European forests, the deciduous oak tree also plays a significant role in the timber industry. The most prominent species used in oak wood production is the English oak, also referred to as common oak or pedunculate oak. Oaks traditionally symbolize steadfastness and power, resilience and rigour, endurance and patient […]


Ash wood is very solid and flexible and has a distinctive grain. It is believed to be a symbol for life, strength and nearness to heaven – in the Germanic Edda legend, the world ash tree Yggdrasil provides sanctuary for all creatures. Ash is said to have healing properties, to be particularly effective against tension. […]


The jatoba tree, also known as Brasilian cherry, stands out for its reddish-brown colouring. It is a relatively solid hardwood and, due to its good to excellent technical properties, it is used for parquet flooring and stairs. Owing to its rather gentle grain, the wood exudes a decorative and elegant charisma. Though it darkens quickly […]


Kambala is among the most prevalent types of wood to be found in Africa. With its gold- to olive-brown colour interplay and its porous and, depending on the direction of cutting, rather ornamental structures, it imbues any living space with a unique and attractive atmosphere. Kambala is a highly homogenous wood of the highest quality. […]


Owing to its attractive reddish-brown colouring, cherry is a popular decor wood which is also used in musical instrument making. Its red fruit has become a symbol of love, passion and beauty. As with all kinds of fruit, the cherry tree is considered to be “female”. Cherry wood has a uniform structure with fine pores […]


The American walnut tree is prevalent in Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Canada and Kansas as well as in some parts of Europe. For centuries, walnut has been one of the most popular types of wood. The tree can grow as high as 40 meters and have adiameter of up to three meters. Its wood is almost […]

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